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Targeted online marketing increases enquiries using unique methods like ‘search retargeting‘ for users that have shown interest in an industry and ‘selected audience‘ which is targeting searchers who are most likely to buy what your business is offering.



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Search Retargeting

Search retargeting, targets an audience with display ads on relevant websites based on your desired keywords, topics or categories. This process is designed to find new customers for your business by showing display adverts on websites that are connected to your keywords.




Mobile Retargeting

Mobile retargeting displays ads to visitors that have used your mobile app or mobile website when browsing other mobile apps.

Facebook Site Retargeting

Facebook retargeting is a very useful social media marketing tool. With dynamic ads, promoting relevant products across FB & Instagram to visitors that have browsed your site/mobile app, it is an effective way to follow your audience.

Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic remarketing enable ads that include products or services that visitors have browsed on your website. It can be based on a specific product or service a user has seen on the site, a specific page.

Site Retargeting

This is known as standard remarketing, it’s the most common form of retargeting. It allows you to follow users that have visited your website and left without completing an action. Businesses are able to reach existing customers by displaying banner ads on sites that are visited after your website.

Twitter Site Retargeting

Twitter retargeting is a similar concept to other social media platforms but has more options for your campaign. For example, follower targeting, interest targeting and keyword targeting are just a few choices.

Four reasons why you need targeted online marketing

Allows real-time analytics data so you can monitor activity as it happens
Flexibility on budget, cost and  campaign length
Selected audience shows your display ads to the users that are most relevant to your business
Improve search marketing ROI with targeted online marketing

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